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Morning Face - Beyonce Flawless Parody - Do me a favor and share this post if you wake up like this too. Set this as your alarm clock noise/ringtone/whatever, and you're guaranteed to wake up every day feeling great about yourself by the time you look in the mirror. Say it with me: WE WAKE UP LIKE THIS. We're HUMAN.

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Jon Stewart Sends Noah Haters Back To Bible School Darren Aronofsky's Noah premiered to a flood of negative nellies, naysaying about the gritty manner in which their favorite Biblical character was handled. "There wasn't enough God! Why was Noah drunk?" some complained. Thank goodness for Jon Stewart and The Daily Show, who actually picked up a Bible to educate the haters about their religion.

Albuquerque Officers Tear Gas Protesters Rallying Against Police Brutality | The sad sad irony.

When Life Gives You Lemons... We were taken by surprise by a lemon law claim recently filed against Tesla by a Wisconsin lawyer, describing himself as the "Lemon Law King", who says that we ignored his client's three demands for a buy-back after alleged problems with a Model S.

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Why Amazon Pays Some Workers Up To $5,000 To Quit - Very clever, guys.


News Today So, if you read between the lines … Amazon may be offering FT, benefited employees money to quit, so they can hire Temp. workers who by law they need not offer their non-temp workers -------- AND the employes after punching out (reading between the lines remember) must stand in a long line which take (how long?) to be scanned to prevent theft (unpaid) before they can go home? Does anyone else a problem with this if my eyes are correct?