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This Couple Quit Their Jobs To Build The House Of Their Dreams For Only $500 (Video) Nick Olson & Lilah Horwitz | Makers (Documentary) - You know all those times you’ve said to yourself that you’d love to just give up everything and build a cabin in the woods? Or maybe you said you’d sell your house and move to a shack on the beach, spending your days making a small living and just enjoying your freedom in the wild? Well, this couple just went and did it. In a world that’s becoming increasingly digitized, and privacy and solidarity are becoming rare commodities, this inspirational duo decided to take to the woods and defy everything society has set up for them. Spending just $500 and surviving on only rice and beans, Nick Olson and Lilah Horwitz built their dream home, a house that captures sunlight every moment of the day. There is no plumbing or electricity; it’s just a simple treehouse in the woods that’s perfect for an escape. It’s about going back to basics, living off the land and basic human survival skills. It’s about learning to live in harmony with your surroundings and finding escape in solitude. If you ask me, they’re living the dream.

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