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Natural Pools - Natural Pool selfbuild - Natural Pools: A Beautiful Self-Sustaining Swimming Pool / Ecosystem for Your Yard. [4:14 Video] Excerpt; "Swimming in natural water is a delight to our sences. Your skin and hair feels soft and your eyes don't sting. It seems as if, every cell in your body is telling you - this is the way swimming should be." David Pagan Butler A Natural Swimming Pool is swimming pool that has clear water without using chemicals. These pools rely entirely on the plants and animals to condition the water. This is so effective that this pool has been tested and shown to be of drinking water quality. Also, through the continual natural "cleaning process" the pool water never needs changing, saving water. Chemical free so it is healthy for people and wildlife. Wild Swimming at home.

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What Would Cost Us All If Walmart Paid A Living Wage - The Shocking Truth My wife and I do not shop at Walmart because it does not pay a living wage, which forces its workers to get on public assistance. But I am totally shocked by how easily that could change. This two-minute clip is da bomb. (Oh, there's also the fact that Walmart pretty much single-handedly created a good deal of China's industry and shipping systems and thereby helped move a lot of our jobs overseas. But I digress...)

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